Test web page in different versions of Internet Explorer

Test web page in different versions of Internet Explorer

If you want to test your web page or web application in different versions of Internet Explorer, you no need to install different IE versions or no need to look for different system where different versions of IE have been installed.

You can test your application in one system with different versions of IE browser and its as easy too. What all you have to do to install only one IE of current versions in your system.

Please follow the steps that will help you to test your application in different versions of IE in a single system :

1) Make sure IE current available version is installed in your system. In my system I have IE 10.

2) Load your application in IE browser by typing the url in address bar.

3) Once application loaded properly in IE browser press F12 from your key board or go to Tool and then click on “F12 developer tools” option.


4) Clicking on F12 developer toos will open the window at the bottom with the option “Browser Mode: IE10”


5) Click on Browser Mode: IE10 option will provide you the select other versions of IE.


6) Select your preferred version will load the application in selected version of IE.

Here you can see it has the options Internet Explorer 10/9/8/7 available.

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