Test your website in different devices at single place using google Chrome and without using any additional device…

Keeping many devices to test a website design is quite expensive as well as uncomfortable. Now Google Chrome provides feature where you can test your website in different devices without using any additional device. All you have to be Google Chrome installed in your system. Google Chrome provides the feature where you can test any website in different devices like iPad, Nexus, BlackBerry etc.

Follow the steps to test website in in different devices using Google Chrome-

Make sure Google Chrome browser is installed in your system.

1) Open Google Chrome browser in your system and open the website which you want to test.

2) Press F-12 key or click on Customize and control Google Chrome icon shown on top right corner-


3) Click on More Tools and then click on Developer tools.


4) Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+I as you can see in above screen shot.

5) One Developer tools will be opened you will be able to view this in your browser and it will look like this-


6) Now click on Toggle device mode icon shown on left side of the window-


7) Once you click on Toggle device mode you will see the options to select different devices which will be shown on the top.


8) You can select any device and your website will load in the selected device. Similarly you can select any device and test your website design.

To exit the Device Mode, you can click again on the Toggle device mode icon or close the Developer Tool.

Isn’t it simple and easy  !!!!!

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