Tips to speed up your android device

Hanging of android devices are common problem these days and there could be many reasons for this. Here are few reasons and you should take care of it-

Operating System update : Sometimes updating the operating system causes the problem to make the device slow. It happens because device manufacturers makes the devices based on current operating system available, but later on updating the operating systems does not suits for the device and cause the device to hang while operating. Make sure your device is capable to run the updated operating system before update. If you have already updated your device with new operating system and you device is giving problem, then go ahead and revert it to the previous operating system version.


Application crashes : Crashing the application also could be cause to make device slow down. Generally it happens when application gets corrupted by any reason. If any installed application crashes, go ahead and re-install the application. Also if application is not installed properly and if you try to run the application could be the reason to slow down the device or to hang the device.

Less memory available : Very basic reason to slow down the device. Any application which runs in your android device, consumes some memory. If there is no sufficient memory available in your device you need to clean the memory of the device. You can clean memory by uninstalling unused application or you can use some memory cleaning application. Too many application or too many mail or messages or too many data can consume memory and can make your device very slow.

Too many apps running in the background : Yes this is also common reason to slow down android devices. When you open any application and after that again you open any other application, the previous application keeps running in the back ground. Running applications in the background consumes memory that causes the device to hang. There are many task killer of app killers available in the market that you can use to kill the running task in the back ground.

Heavy apps installed : Does not happens frequently but this is also one of the reasons to make android device slow. Check if you have installed any application which needs more MBs of spaces. If you have recently installed this kind of application and your device started performing slow or started hanging, please go ahead and uninstall the app.

Cache is not properly cleared : Quite often devices hangs or misbehave or slow down because of cache memory. When you open any application it creates cache and take some part of memory and keeps the data in cache memory (small part of memory). When you use too many application and do not do clear cache, might cause a problem to make your device slow. There are many apps available in the market to clean the cache memory. Please go ahead and clean you cache memory to speed up your device.

Too old device and not updated for a long time : If you device is too old and not updated for a long time could also be one of the reasons to make the device slow down.

Low signal strength or Low internet speed : If your network signal strength is low or if you have low speed internet also could be the reason to make your device slow down. But this will not make you device slow for long time. As soon as signal strength will be fine your device will automatically start working fine. Check your signal strength if you are facing any problem with your device slow down. If possible disable the network and enable once again. If you do not know how to disable or enable network please restart your device.

Un-supported software installed : All the applications available in the market are not supported by all the devices or operating system versions available. Before installing the application please check the application is supported by your operating system version available in your device. If you will install the application which is not supported by your operating system version (android version) will make your device to misbehave.

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