Top 5 Free Open Source Performance and Load Testing Tools

Load Xen

Load Xen is a new generation load testing software which helps you scale your application by simulating thousands or millions of virtual users to your application. Load Xen lets you scale up with your own targets, customize scenarios for real simulations. One of the best feature of Load xen is their highly focused & intelligent analysis reports. It offers you overall analysis with key metrics which are most important for you to drive conclusions on how the test went. You can also pin-point to a single second and look at range of metrics for that instant.


Apache Jmeter is open source performance and functionality testing tool designed to test Java applications. Best testing tool to test performance and functionality of web applications with complete detailed report generating. Jmeter provides feature to perform distributed load test, parameterization of application for multiple users, continuous load etc. With help of Jmeter you can record and run script using browser by changing the proxy settings. No coding required at all. Best tool ever I have used for load test.


OpenWebLoad allows you to perform load test for web application. OpenWebLoad is Easy to use and provides real time performance result for the application. This is particularly useful when you are doing optimization as you can see the impact of your changes almost immediately. Test can be configured and executed by command line.


LoadUI allows you to perform load testing for web application. Comprehensive reporting feature lets you to focus on the most problematic areas in real-time. There is no coding required and you can drag and drop the visual elements as per your requirement to make the test and scripting simple and easy. LoadUI provides the additional feature like Distributed API Load Testing, Comprehensive Load Test Reports, SoapUI NG Pro Integration etc. With Distributed load feature you can perform distributed load across different systems, both locally and remotely. LoadUI generates comprehensive report automatically with real time data.


Grinder lets you to perform load testing, capacity testing, functional testing, stress testing and reliability testing. Grinder is open source free testing tool with many features. Grinder supports Jython, HTTPClient, JEdit Syntax, Apache XMLBeans, PicoContainer, Clojure, Standards etc. Grinder is based on 100% pure java which can work on any platform and in any operating system. Web application can be testing with help of browser by recording the script using proxy. Grinder is Multi-threaded, multi-process each test context runs in its own thread. You can view current work processes dynamically. Easy to manage and edit test scripts. You can import test data in spreadsheet or any other analysis tool. Grinder also allows to handle cookie and connection management for test contexts.

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