Track your lost android device online using Google Account without any additional tracking software

If you have lost your device and you are not sure how to track the exact device location, you can follow the steps to track your lost or stolen device even there is no any additional tracking software installed in your lost or stolen device. All you need to have Google Account.

Follow the steps to track your lost or stolen android device:

1) Open the browser in your computer.

2) Open Google Play in the browser or Click here

3) Click on Gear icon shown on top right corner and then click on Android Device Manager.


4) After clicking on Android Device Manager will ask you to login you Gmail account if already not logged in.

5) Please login your Gmail account.

6) Once logged in successfully, you will be able to view the current location of your lost or stolen device.


This is really easy to track the lost or stolen android device without installing any additional software.

Also once your device got located you can lock the device or erase data or ring to your mobile by selecting appropriate option.


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