Transfer big files from one device to another device wirelessly within a second with SHAREit app.

Transfer files from one device to another device wirelessly are quite challenging and time consuming if files are really big. If it’s a movie file of 150MB or more to be sent to another device via Bluetooth, it might could take more than half an hour. Using SHAREit app you can send any file to another device within a second and does not matter how much big file is and what kind of file is.

To send file from one device another device you should have installed SHAREit app in both the devices. To transfer the file there is no internet connection required at all.

Follow the process to install SHAREit app in the device and transfer any file within a second.

1) Go to the Google Play Store in your android device.

2) Search for the SHAREit app and install it in both the devices (One device to send the file and another device to receive the file)


3) Once installed successfully, open the app (SHAREit). It might could ask to select the Agreement. If asks please select checkbox and click on Start button.


4) Click on back button to show the screen with Send and Receive button options.



5) Follow the same process and open SHAREit in another device.

6) To send the file to other device tap on Send button.


7) Select any option like App or Photo or Music etc. and then click on next button. Follow the instruction to send the file to other device.


8) Similarly click on Receive button to receive any file from other device. When you tap on Receive button your device will start searching for other device.



9) Tap on the searched device will receive all the files quickly.

That’s it. Sharing, sending or receiving files from one device to another are very easy with SHAREit and personally I love it.

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