TrueDialer one step ahead by TrueCaller that gives details of outgoing calls

TrueCaller does a really good job if you want to search any number that is not in your phone book or directory. Maintaining a huge database TrueCaller gives the details of the number of the call coming to you as unknown number.

Now as TrueCaller was giving the information about incoming calls but here is another step and new app called TrueDialer by TrueCaller which will give the information of the unknown number dialed by your phone.

This is the new app and new launch which will do the similar job what TrueCaller is doing but the difference is it will give the information about the person that you are dialing the number from your phone.

If you are android user you can download the app from Google Play market place. For other platform it might could take some more time to launch.
The great feature in TrueDialer app is that even it gives the information of the dialed number that is not in your contact list. Also it notifies when you dial out any spammy number.

TrueDialer takes the contact information from TrueCaller database but both the apps have been kept separate to perform well and to keep light weight. This app will just take 3.99 MB of space to install so even your device has less memory this app will perform well.

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    Thank you for the info.

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