How to undo, delete or edit sent mail in Gmail

Sending mails to any person is quite easy. But what if mails sent to the wrong person or what if mails sent with wrong contents or missing contents. Its general habit of many people, while sending the mail sometimes they never review the person’s mail id or they never much bother about content and send it blindly. But after sending they realize oh my God! I have sent the mail to the wrong person or with wrong content, what I should do now????

I too have this bad habit and sometimes I have sent mail to the wrong person. In another few seconds I realize that I have sent mail to the wrong person or with wrong contents. If any sensitive data sent to the wrong person could drag you in a big trouble. So what should be done if mail has been sent by mistake?

Don’t worry I will suggest you how you can undo, delete or edit email even after it is sent, so that you will not do the same mistake next time whenever you send the mail. Whenever you will send the mail you will have choice to undo or edit or delete it. There are few settings that you need to follow in your Gmail account and then after you can undo, delete or edit email even after you hit the send button.

1) Login your Gmail account and click on gear icon shown on right top corner.


2) Click on Settings.


3) Click on Labs tab on Settings page.


4) Scroll the page down and find Undo Send option.


5) Click on Enable radio button to enable the undo feature.


6) Scroll the page till bottom and click on Save Changes button.


7) Once you save the changes your Gmail account will reload.

8) Now again click on gear  icon and then click on Settings option.


9) On settings page, scroll the page little down and then click on Enable Undo Send check box.


10) Click on period (by default shown 10 seconds) and select 30 seconds.


11) Scroll the page till bottom and click on Save Changes button.


Now you are completely set to undo any sent messages within 30 seconds. So if any message sent to the wrong email id or with wrong content, you can undo the message within 30 seconds.

Whenever you compose a mail and click on send button, immediately after sending the mail, on the top you will see the option to Undo the sent mail.


This message will display for 30 seconds and if you want you can undo the mail within 30 seconds after mail sent.

Once you click on Undo option the mail will be reverted back and will not send. You can view the unsent mail in the Draft.


You can either edit, resend, change the email id or delete the mail its up-to your wish.

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17 Responses to “How to undo, delete or edit sent mail in Gmail”

  1. Roy says:

    Open the sent mail. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right hand side. Click on Forward . And Edit

  2. Francine Wise says:

    I found out how to edit in email. Hit REPLY or FORWARD – By the arrow, CLICK THE DOWN CARET AND select the option to EDIT SUBJECT. A new window will open and you can edit the subject and the body text. All original text is still included.

  3. margaret says:

    None of these suggestions answer my very important question!

    How do you edit an email you sent? I want to elaborate make changes to my email and then send it again.

  4. C says:

    The location of this has changed: Settings>General>Undo Send>Check: Enable Undo Send **the cancellation period is 30 seconds and below – I found this out the hard way!

  5. varalakshmi says:

    in my gmail page could not have undo option in settings..what can i do for activate that

  6. Lucy says:

    Someone has hacked my id and forwarded all my e-mails in his/her account. Now is there any option so that i could delete my e-mails from his account. please help me

  7. Kevin says:

    I use to be able to recall massages from Outlook as long as the recipient hadn’t opened it. Can this be done with gmail?

  8. Isabella Gibson says:

    Saved like a favorite, great internet site!

  9. Grace Bennett says:

    Saved as a favorite, great website!

  10. SKumar says:

    Is there a way to DELETE an already sent email (gmail) beyond 30secs to a Bcc: list ?

  11. Zara says:

    What if you wanted to undo it after, lets say, 5 minutes? Can you do that?

  12. John Cena says:

    I couldn’t find the undo send in the lab. 🙁

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