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There is common issue faced by many people that their USB devices (Pen-drive, Hard disk, Mouse, Keyboard etc.) are not recognized by the system or computer. Error occurs whenever USB devices plugged in with USB port and message shown as “USB Device Not Recognized”. 


There could be many reason for this and it might be your USB device got corrupted, or you driver got some issues or USB device version is not supported or anything.

Here are few most common solution for this error whenever you get “USB Device Not Recognized” .

Scan for Hardware -Device Manager:

1)      Click on start button and click on Run option.


2) Type the command devmgmt.msc inside box and click OK.


3) Device Manager Window will open.

4) Click on Universal Serial Bus Controller and then click on Action menu.


5) Now click on Scan for hardware changes.

Clicking on Scan fir hardware changes should scan your USB device and should recognize.

If it does not work please follow the next method-

Power Management – USB Hub:

1) Follow the above process and this time expend the Universal Serial Bus Controller and Right Click on USB Root Hub and Click on Properties.


2) On Properties window Click on Power Management Tab and Uncheck check box Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.


3) Finally click on OK button.

4) Proceed the same process for all the available USB Root Hub

5) Go to the Action menu and click on Scan for hardware changes.


After Scan you device should be recognized by the system

If still you are facing the issue please follow the next method:

Reboot your System or Computer:

Completely shut down your computer and turn all the power off. Take out the plug from the power socket so that there should not be any more power supply to the computer at all. This is quite important because even you turn your computer off and if you have not removed the power plug out from socket then power still keeps supply to the motherboard. Wait for a minute and restart your computer again.

If you have laptop then completely shut down it and remove the battery out for a minute. Make sure there is no power supply to the laptop. Again put the battery in and restart.

Hope these tips will help you to fix the USB Device Not Recognized problem.


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