View, Edit or Delete Login and Password Saved In Browser

Whenever you login any application over internet opened in the browser, browser asks you to save the password. Once you choose the option to save the password in the browser then password gets saved in the browser. This helps when you access the same application again, you do not need to inter password again. Browser automatically fills the password field from saved password. But this is not good all the time when your system is used by many people. This might could lead you to a big trouble or a big loss and issue comes to security. If password is saved in the browser, anybody can misuse it.

This browser feature helps as well in some cases. Suppose you forgot your password but your password is saved in the browser. If password is saved in the browse you can view it. If you would like you can manually delete the password as well as edit the password.

To view, edit or delete password saved in browser, please follow the steps given below-

Firefox Browser –

  • Open Firefox browser and go to Tools -> Options.


  • Click on Security option shown on left side on the page.


  • Click on Saved Logins… shown on right side.


  • On Saved Logins window click on Show Passwords button.


After clicking on show password you will be able to view all the saved passwords. Now you can right click on any login, select the option based on your requirement like Copay Username, Copy Password, Edit Username, Edit Password.


To delete any particular login and password you can select any login and then click on Remove Button. You can also delete all the logins and passwords by clicking on Remove All button.


Chrome Browser-

Chrome browser allows only to View and Delete the login and password. It does not allow to edit login or password like Firefox. Follow the below steps to View and Delete saved login and password-

  • Open Chrome browser and go to settings page by clicking on Menu icon shown on top right corner.


  • On Settings page click on Show advanced settings… link shown at bottom.
  • Look for the link Manage passwords.


  • On Password page you can view all the saved logins and passwords by clicking on Show button. During show password browser can ask you to enter you system password for security reason. You need to enter your system password.


  • To delete login you can click on “x” icon.


Hope this will help you to view edit and delete saved login and passwords in the browser.

If you would like to give any comment of suggestion, please drop the message in comment box and I will write back to you as soon as possible.

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